RO463 Rock Oil Synthesis 5W40 (1L) Oil

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We’ve got motorcycle oils suitable for all engines and bikes. Rock Oil Synthesis 5w40 1L Oil is a premium motorcycle oil available at DRB Car Spares

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The Synthesis 4 Oil Sport Range consists of high performance, reduced ash engine oils based on fully synthetic formulations. They are suitable for use in all petrol and diesel powered vehicles where performance and viscosity grades are appropriate.

Synthesis 5W40 Features:

  • Suitable for all driving styles from stop/start city traffic to high speed motorway cruising.
  • Advanced formulation gives good dispersion of diesel soot and keeps engines cleaner.
  • Synthetic based formulation provides excellent high temperature performance and protection.
  • Low viscosity gives fast oil flow on startup even when cold to help protect all parts of the engine against wear.
  • Excellent after-treatment device compatibility, specifically DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters) and TWC’s (Three Way Catalysts)
  • Low viscosity aids fuel economy and emissions reduction, particularly applicable to 5W-30

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