GAA30500EN06 Armor All Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Eating and drinking in your car, or simply transport young children can lead to stains and marks on seats and carpets. Even if the car is a child and food-free zone, grime can still build up on fabrics and is difficult to clean. Fortunately, Armor All Multi-purpose Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove tough ground-in dirt, grease, and grime without drying out or fading even delicate surfaces. As an extra feature the product has an additional stain remover element. The stain remover ability has been tested against common dirt and spills such as; ground in dirt, mud, ink, burger grease, ketchup, black tea and coffee, red wine, motor oils.

  • Effective on a wide range of automotive surfaces
  • It eliminates the need for surface-specific cleaners for cloth or vinyl upholstery, carpet, tyres etc. (Care should be taken not to use Multi-Purpose Cleaner on leather interiors – we recommend Armor All Leather Care for these surfaces.)
  • It cleans tough ground-in dirt, oil, grease, tar, bugs, and brake dust.

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