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Petronas Syntium 3000 AV Oil 5L

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Buy Petronas Syntium 3000 AV Oil from DRB Car Spares who stock a large range of Petronas Engine Oils for your car or vehicle.

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Petronas Syntium 3000 AV 5W40 oil is a lubricant formulated with COOLTECH technology to combat excessive heating of critical engine parts valid for all types of gasoline and diesel vehicles, equipped with anti-particulate filter, injection, multi-valve, turbocharged or supercharged, operating in the most severe conditions.

The Petronas Syntium 3000 FR 5W-30 5L is suitable for all types of passenger cars (such as Ford & Renault engines). Suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines, this oil is designed for use on the latest high performance cars fitted with fuel injections, multi-valves, turbochargers or superchargers operating under most severe conditions. It provides outstanding high temperature Oxidation Control, delivering lubrication stability and prevents car breakdowns.

Features & Benefits:

  • Withstanding high temperature lubricant evaporation prevents engine failure from wear & tear
  • Superior fuel economy
  • Superior engine deposits and wear reduction delivering maximized engine responsiveness
  • Instant start-up lubrication

Certifications & Standards:
Exceeds European standards ACEA A5/B5


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