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Chemical Guys Fresh Cherry Blast Premium Air Freshener

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£17.99 (Incl VAT)

From car shampoo and drying towels to car waxes and detailing sprays, Chemical Guys range of car care products combine innovation with quality, giving customers the ultimate car detailing experience. Buy Chemical Guys Fresh Cherry Blast Premium Air Freshener right here at DRB Car Spares at a FANTASTIC price!

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Smells Real, Because It Is

Skip the trip down to the countryside orchards and save time baking countless pies just to enjoy the scent of delicious cherries. Cheap cherry air fresheners end up smelling like cough medicine or bad candy. Low quality air fresheners mask odours with overpowering perfumes that give you headaches. Fresh Chemical Guys Fresh Cherry Blast Premium Air Freshener is brewed with real cherry extracts and refined oils straight out from the fruit.

Delicious Fruity Overtones

A few mists of Cherry Blast is the closest thing to having bushels of fresh-picked cherries in your car. And rather than overpower foul odours with even stronger scents, Chemical Guys blended Fresh Cherry Blast with natural odour-eliminating enzymes. These compounds actively destroy odour-causing elements, removing odours and foul smells at their very source for the ultimate fruity experience.

Buy your Chemical Guys car cleaning products right here at DRB Car Spares.

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