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Chemical Guys Clay Bar, Blue (Light) (100 G)

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£22.99 (Incl VAT)

The Chemical Guys Clay Bar is the gentle solution for turning lightly rough and bumpy paintwork on new or garage-kept show cars smooth as glass. Buy Chemical Guys Clay Bar, Blue (Light) (100 G) right here at DRB Car Spares at a FANTASTIC price!


The Softest Clay For The Lightest Jobs

You would think that a brand new car would be pristine! However, even new cars and garage kept show cars contain contamination that needs to be removed before it clogs buffing pads, induces extra scratches, and blocks fresh coats of wax from sticking to the surface. This flexible Chemical Guys Clay Bar conforms to every curve and contour with Flex-Clay Technology for the smoothest glass-like surface.

Hi-Tech Formula For Versatile Use On Exterior

The Light Duty Clay Bar cleanses by pulling light levels of embedded pollution, fallout, rail dust, brake dust, and overspray out from the pores of clear and shiny surfaces, such as paint, clear plastic, glass, and polished metal. If left unchecked, these contaminants can ruin the shine of your car by blocking reflected light, scratch the surface, and cause paint to oxidize, tarnish, and peel.

Buy your Chemical Guys car cleaning products right here at DRB Car Spares.

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