BUFX_102HEX5 Chemical Guys 5.5 Hex-Logic Pad Orange Medium

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From car shampoo and drying towels to car waxes and detailing sprays, Chemical Guys range of car care products combine innovation with quality, giving customers the ultimate car detailing experience. Buy Chemical Guys 5.5 Hex-Logic Pad Orange Mediu right here at DRB Car Spares at a FANTASTIC price!

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Workhorse Of The Hex-Logic System

Detailers start every paint restoration by polishing a test spot with the least-aggressive combination of cutting pads and polish. The medium cut of the Chemical Guys 5.5 Hex-Logic Pad Orange pads balances enough power to remove the majority of defects from most finishes but is gentle enough for even the most sensitive paint jobs. Use Orange pads with a light swirl remover like V36 or one-step polish like VSS.

Latest Technology For The Greatest Cutting Power

The Orange Pad removes oxidation, swirls, and scratches to restore a bright finish with any Chemical Guys compound or polish, such as V32, V34, V36, and VSS. The White Pad restores shine and wet reflection with finishing polishes. Use V36 or V38 to restore gloss and pure reflection after compounding. The Black Pad has no cutting power and spreads the perfect coat of glaze, sealant, or wax.

Buy your Chemical Guys car cleaning products right here at DRB Car Spares.

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