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The ARTIC 1500 battery charger is specifically designed to charge 12v batteries such as motorbikes, jet-skis, go-karts, quad bikes or lawnmowers.

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The Gys Artic 1500 Battery Charger (029699) is available here at DRB Car Spares 

The GYS 029699 is a City Car charger. The ARTIC 1500 (1.5 A) is specifically designed to charge 12 V batteries such as motorbikes, jet-skis, go-karts, quad bikes or lawnmowers, providing an automatic charge controlled by a microprocessor. Efficient, compact and light, it provides a 2 times faster charge than a traditional charger (no monitoring required).Just plug in and leave, will maintain a battery all year. Will recover dead Battery from 7V. Safe. All Battery Types. Even when battery type is unknown. Suitable for small cars, motorbikes, lawn mowers, quad bikes, jet skis etc.

The GYS Artic 1500 has an easy-to-read user interface to make things simple so new drivers and even technophobes can use it with confidence.

Features of the Artic 1500 Charger:

  • Designed for 12 V batteries from 3 to 40 Ah. It can also provide a maintenance charging up to 100 Ah
  • Optimised maintenance charge, the charger can remain permanently connected for example whilst a vehicle is not in use over the winter
  • Simplified interface to prevent user errors
  • The unattended charge and maintenance ensure maximum battery performance and longevity
  • Protection of the vehicle’s on-board electronics: protection against short circuits, polarity reversal and overcharging. Spark prevention system.
  • Automatic stand-by mode if the battery is disconnected
  • Compact design, light and portable
  • Connection with quick connector
  • Shock-resistant housing, resistant to dust and liquid ingress (IP65)

Specification of the Artic 1500 Charger:

  • Output Power: 27 W
  • Lead range: 12V
  • Capacity: 3 < 40 Ah
  • Weight: 0.41kg
  • Dimensions: 152x 70x 40mm


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